1. Antigonish

From the recording Antigonish


Heavy the head that wears the crown of gold
Many the martyr dying to be sold
There’s a man outside in a suit of black
Fingers on the window going tap tap tap

Apples in the race made the huntress fall
Apples in the garden where the serpents crawl
There’s a man in the orchard he’s rotten to the core
So leave your picking and lock your door

Your conscience lies in a shallow grave
Mouth full of earth if you misbehave
Storks in the winter, babies in the spring
Throw a penny in his eye hear the dead man sing

Jonny’s in the basement he tried to kill the president
Locked up shut down I wonder where the keys went?
Canary in the mine was singing all day
Til the man with the gun took her voice away

Yesterday upon the stair
I saw a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish I wish he’d go away

Heavy the head that wears the crown of gold
A face in the corner where the shadows fold
It’s the man outside in the suit of black
Fingers on the mirror going tap tap tap